How to Watch Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV?

It is always cool to get TV experience on watching every single show or video. This is because of its high-resolution video quality and sound effects on TV. If this is possible, then it is damn great! Xfinity Stream App gives its users this great TV experience. Then why to miss that? Read this full article to know on How to get Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV?.

What is Xfinity Stream App?

Xfinity Stream is the American based video streaming service that offers 200+ live TV channels, thousands of movies and TV shows, News, Sports, more. Along with 10,000 hours of on-demand video. Xfinity Stream has its own streaming application called Xfinity Stream Beta App. At present, the Xfinity Stream Beta App is only available for users. The Xfinity Stream was introduced by Comcast. The subscription cost is $65 per month.

The Xfinity Stream App is in the arena of streaming apps to offer the users live broadcast channels, DVR storage, on-demand video content, cable channels. Comcast with Xfinity Stream tries to reach out to the audience by giving the above-mentioned, by not even having to use the Xfinity TV Box from ComcastXfinity Stream Beta App is compatible with devices such as Smartphones, Android, Tablets, iOS, Firestick, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and more.

Features of Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream is being featured with the following:

  • Standard video content
  • Parental controls
  • Access to recent watch
  • Live video shows
  • DVR Storage content
  • On-demand video content
  • No need for Xfinity TV box
  • 200+ Live TV channels

Many many features are given to the audience through Xfinity Stream Beta App via Comcast.

Is Xfinity Stream available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Xfinity Stream is available on the Samsung Smart TV. You can enjoy Xfinity Stream on your Samsung Smart TV.

Note – The Samsung Smart TV should have access to Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet Services to watch Xfinity Stream Beta App.

How to create Xfinity ID for all Xfinity accounts and services?

One Xfinity ID is enough to have access to almost 6 secondary accounts of Xfinity and it’s Interner services. Follow the given instructions:

Step1: Visit

Step2: Confirm your account by giving your account info. Use your mobile number or Social Security number and tap on Continue option.

Step3: If mobile number, then enter your account oriented mobile number and select continue.

If Social Security number, then enter last 4 digits of SSN account holder date of birth and then account oriented mobile number and select continue.

Step4: Within 72 hours, tap on the link sent to your mail. This is to activate you non-Comcast I’d or else you will have to sign in with your id.

Step5: You will be taken to the confirmation page. Tap Continue.

How to watch Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV?

For watch Xfinity Stream on Samsung TV, you have to follow two steps.

  1. Download Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV
  2. Activate Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV

How to Download Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV?

To stream Xfinity Stream Beta App on your Samsung TV follow the given steps.

First, you should have a Samsung Account for your Samsung Smart TV.

Step1: Let your Samsung Smart TV to connect to the internet.

Step2: Go to your Samsung home screen on your TV via pressing the Smart hub button on your remote.

Step3: Go to Apps section.

Step4: Tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Step5: Type Xfinity Stream on your on-screen keyboard.

Step6: Select Done.

Step7: Tap on the Xfinity Stream Beta App on the screen and select Download.

Step8: After launching the app, tap the Open option to use the Xfinity Stream App.

Step9: Then, Sign in with your Xfinity Stream Beta App login info.

This are steps required to download Xfinity Stream on Samsung TV.

How to Activate Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV?

It isn’t difficult to activate Xfinity Stream on your Samsung TV. Follow the below-given steps:

Step1: From Samsung Smart hub, launch the Xfinity Stream Beta App. On the Welcome screen, click Get Started.

Step2: Go to from another device to go ahead with the activation process. Activation Code screen appears on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step3: On the second device’s browser you will a 6 digits activation code, enter it.

Step4: Via your second device Sign in to your Xfinity Stream Beta App.

Step5: Your second device shows you Success!

Step6: Click Yes on your Samsung Smart TV screen by reading the Terms of activation.

Step7: Give a name for your device and tap Continue.

Step8: You will be taken to the Main Menu.

You have successfully activated your Samsung TV for streaming Xfinity Stream.

Now, you can access Xfinity Stream on Samsung TV. Go back to your Samsung TV, Launch the Xfinity Stream App, and enjoy your favorite live TV or shows.

The EndNote

To end, Xfinity Stream App is being rolled out as a Beta version. It is the product of the collaboration of Comcast and Xfinity. As an Xfinity Stream user, the subscribers get to watch 200 channels (from A to Z) of all genres. Amuse yourself by binge-watching Xfinity Stream App to get Live TV experience from anywhere away from home. Have infinite entertainment from Xfinity Stream.

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