How to Watch Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV?

Thought of having TV experience wherever you go?  This is for you. The Xfinity Stream launches its own streaming app called Xfinity Stream Beta App. It is been let out as Beta version because to get feedback from the users. This is to improve the App as per the feedbacks. Cool isn’t it? This article is for you to know How to binge-watching Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV.

About Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream is a video streaming application that allows the user to watch 200+ live TV channels along with 10,000 hours of video content that includes movies, TV shows, and more. This streaming service also offers live sports and news. The Xfinity Stream subscription costs $65/per month for the basic plan. It has its own streaming app as Xfinity Stream Beta App

Xfinity Stream Beta App is the rollout by Comcast and Xfinity. This lets the Comcast Xfinity TV users have access to linear cable service, live TV experience, etc. The most important part is, you don’t need a new Xfinity TV box for using Xfinity Stream Beta App. This is also accessible via the Xfinity IP gateway. The main aim is to provide a cable subscription without a set-top box.

Features of Xfinity Stream

The following are the features of Xfinity Stream.

  • Great internet TV experience
  • All favorite entertainment shows
  • Anything, anywhere and at anytime
  • Rich viewing experience
  • Demanded video content
  • Programming of DVR
  • All local broadcast
  • Secured private network relay

Each and every feature makes the users get closer to Xfinity Streaming. Even if it is a Beta version.

Is Xfinity Stream available on LG Smart TV?

Yes, Xfinity Stream is available on the LG Smart TV. The beta version of Xfinity Stream is available on LG Smart TV. Read for the below topics to know more about it.

How to Watch Xfinity Stream Beta App in LG Smart TV

To watch Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV, you have to do two things

  • Download Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV
  • Activate Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV

How to Download Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV?

Step1: Connect your LG Smart TV with Internet.

Step2: Tap the home button on the remote.

Step3: You will see the Main Menu.

Step4: Go to LG content store.

Step5: Tap on Apps & Games.

Step6: Search and Select Xfinity Stream Beta App and select Install option.

Step7: After installation, tap Launch and start using the Xfinity Stream Beta App.

Step8: If prompted, sign in with Xfinity Login info and register your device.

Well done… You have sucessfully downloaded the Xfinity Stream on LG TV.

How to Activate Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV?

If you are going to use Xfinity Stream for the first time on your LG Smart TV do as per the following instructions.

Step1: After installing the Xfinity Stream App on your LG TV. The welcome screen appears.  Tap Get Started.

Step2: Next appears the Activation Code screen.

Step3: Use another device and browse

Step4: Type the 6-digit code you got on your second device’s browser given by the Xfinity Stream Beta App.

Step5: Sign in through your second device with your Xfinity login info.

Step6: Success!  Appears on your second device screen.

Step7: On your LG Smart TV the Terms of use screen appears, tap Yes by reading the terms and continue.

Step8: Then click on Confirm button by giving your device a name.

Step9: Go back to your LG Smart TV and open the Xfinity app, Then appears the Main Menu.

Your device is successfully activated. Now you can watch Xfinity Stream on LG TV.

How to Sign Up for Xfinity TV subscription on Xfinity Stream?

The rate of the subscription amount varies per channel. The movie or the channel which you want has its own cost to watch it. This guide is for you to help on how to update your favorite channels and shows on existing Xfinity TV.

Step1: Go to the Main Menu.

Click on Live TV for channels.

Tap the Browse option for Movies, demanded video content.

Step2: Tapping on the particular channel you want, ” this requires subscription” message pops. If you want, then click Subscribe.

Step3: Tapping on a particular show or movie may show you, buy/ rent or subscribe option. To continue further, click Subscribe.

Step4: On clicking on Subscribe, the cost of the subscription(s) appears.

Step5: Further Select what you wish to watch.

Step6: Enter your purchase PIN and tap Continue.

Step7: Further choose whether rent / buy / subscribe, click Continue.

Step8: Then, the confirmation message pops.

What are the channels offered by Xfinity Stream Beta App?

To be honest, there are around 200 channels offered by Xfinity Stream Beta App. Here are some:

  • A&E
  • AFRO
  • AMC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC World News
  • Big Ten Network
  • Cinemax
  • 5 Star Max
  • Cine Sony Television
  • CNBC
  • Cooking Channel
  • C-SPAN
  • Discovery channel
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • FOX
  • FYI
  • Game Show Network (GSN)
  • HBO
  • History Channel
  • Investigation Discovery (ID)
  • Jewelry Television
  • Kids Central
  • MTV
  • Music Choice (50 channels)
  • National Geographic Channel
  • NBC
  • Nickelodeon
  • Olympic Channel
  • Pac-12 Networks (seven total)
  • StarzEncore
  • Stingray
  • TLC
  • Universal Kids
  • Zee TV

The above-mentioned are some of the channels offered by Xfinity Stream. There is a wide range of channels, which been provided by Xfinity Stream for users of all ages and all genres.

The EndNote

To end, Xfinity Stream Beta App is on the process of development. In order to make it as a greater Streaming App, the Comcast is ready to receive feedback from the users. This is a kind of positive sign to get the audience closer to the Xfinity Stream. The wide range of channels for all genres such as travel, history, cookery, science, crime, etc hits the audience easily. I hope, this article explores all the possible doubts you had regarding watching Xfinity Stream on LG Smart TV.

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