How to Watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV?

Hey movie lovers!! Here is an exciting news for you about an application to enjoy and get amazed by watching movies, live TV, series, and more. Are you bored of watching movies and shows on a particular device? Here is the solution! the Spectrum TV App!! This Spectrum TV App is compatible with almost all devices. Which means, you can watch your favorite shows in your favorite device. This sounds so cool right. Hope you people know that the Spectrum TV App isn’t available on LG Smart TV. This article is for you to know How to Watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV.

What is the Spectrum TV App?

The Spectrum TV App is a standalone video streaming service that offers live TV and on-demand content. This Spectrum TV App provides almost around 50,000video contents which would people definitely rely on watch and enjoy. Through Spectrum TV App, one can watch live TV without any hustle. It provides parental controls in order to guide their children. The Spectrum TV App even gives the user to have control over their DVR Storage. The Spectrum TV App is provided by its own cable service provider. This is to retain the subscribers. This platform offers 300+ live TV channels and available only across the U.S.

How much does the Spectrum TV App cost?

The Spectrum TV App provides the customers with 3 subscription packages according to the plans: Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, Spectrum Gold.

  • Select – for 12 months it costs $49.99/month, provides 125+ channels.
  • Silver – for 12 months it costs $69.99/month, provides 175+ channels.
  • Gold – for 12 months it costs $89.99/month, provides 200+ channels.

What are the devices compatible with Spectrum TV App?

You can enjoy Spectrum TV App in almost all the devices. For instances, iPhones, Android devices (on which you can Chromecast), iPads, Samsung Smart TVs (from 2012 models and later), Most streaming players and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets,Xbox One and Roku.

Is Spectrum TV on LG Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Spectrum TV is not available on the LG TV. You can access Spectrum TV on LG Smart TV, using streaming devices like Xbox One, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku.

How to watch SpectrumApp on LG Smart TV?

First of all, you don’t have Spectrum TV on LG TV. Then, how to watch the Spectrum TV App on LG Smart TV? That’s why here we areā€¦ Follow the given 4 ways and it’s instructions to enjoy Spectrum TV on LG Smart TV.

how to Watch Spectrum TV on LG Smart TV

Watch Spectrum App on LG TV using Roku

Step 1. Connect your Roku device on your LG Smart TV.

Step 2. Turn On your LG Smart TV and your Roku device as well.

Step 3. Select the Search Option on the homepage of your Roku device.

Step 4. Type Spectrum TV on the on-screen keyboard in the search option.

Step 5. From the suggestion, list selects the Spectrum TV App.

Step 6. Next, select the option Add channel.

Step 7. Then, the Spectrum TV App starts to download on your Roku device.

Step 8. Then,  Select OK.

Step 9. Select the Go to channel in the next screen to open the app.

Step 10. Enter your Spectrum TV login info.

 Now you can enjoy the Spectrum TV App on LG Smart TV through Roku.

Watch Spectrum App on LG TV using Xbox One

Step 1. Plugin your Xbox One on your LG Smart TV.

Step 2. Switch on your Xbox One device and TV.

Step 3. Let the Xbox One to connect to the internet.

Step 4. Go to the Store on the home screen of your Xbox One device.

Step 5. Select the Apps Category.

Step 6. Search Spectrum TV.

Step 7. You can download the Spectrum TV for free.

Step 8. Select Confirm after downloading the App, that you agree with terms of use of Xbox Live.

Step 9. In the Apps & games section, search for the Spectrum App.

Step 10. In the Spectrum App, enter your login info.

Now, watch the Spectrum TV App on LG Smart TV through Xbox One.

Watch Spectrum App on LG TV using Firestick

Step1. Power ON your Firestick.

Step2. On the homepage, Navigate to search.

Step3. Search Spectrum TV.

Step4. From the search results, select the Spectrum TV.

Step5. Click Get.

Step6. Spectrum TV starts to download.

Step7. After download, open the Spectrum TV App.

Step8. Sign In or Sign Up to it.

Get unlimited fun & entertainment by watching Spectrum TV App on LG Smart TV.

Watch Spectrum App on LG TV using Apple TV

Step1. Connect your Apple TV on your TV.

Step2. Next, Go to the App Store on the home page.

Step3. Search the Spectrum TV on the next screen.

Step4. Then, select the Spectrum TV.

Step5. Click the Get

Step6. Your Spectrum TV app will starts to install.

Step7. Open the Spectrum app.

Step8. Sign In to Spectrum TV.

Well done… You have successfully installed the app. Now, you can watch Spectrum app on LG smart TV.

The End Note

To summarize, people love choices. That’s why the Spectrum TV App is just awesome. The Spectrum TV App gives lots of choices to the users. This guide gives you the Four ways with which you can stream the Spectrum TV App on your LG Smart TV, get use of it. Movie lovers, it’s your time to enjoy and let’s say cheers to watching movies!!

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