Executing Test Cases Using ALM/QC (Day 5 Micro Focus ALM QC Tutorial)

HP Quality Center/ALM is now changed to Micro Focus Quality Center/ALM but still, the content on the page is valid on the new Micro Focus domain as well as the tools.

In our last Micro Focus Quality Center tutorial, we learned how to create test cases and link them to requirements. For that, we took an example of the Gmail application and explained how to create and add test cases in Quality Center.

Please read our previous tutorial Creating and Managing Test Cases as we are going to use the same Gmail.com test cases for execution in this tutorial as well.

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Executing Test Cases Using ALM_QC

How to Execute Test Cases Using ALM/QC

Step #1: In the Test lab tab, choose the test set that you would like to run and click on “Run Test” or “Run Test Set”. Run Test- will execute the test set selected and the “Run test set” will run the entire set one test after the other until the end.  Click on “Being Run”.

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Quality Center Test Execution

Step #2: If it is an automation test and the tool is integrated, then it launches and runs in the testing tool. In that case, it auto-populates the test result.

Quality Center Test Execution

Step #3: Since ours is a manual test, we will have to execute the steps manually on our AUT and set the results. Go to the test status field and click on it to set it to a certain value. You can also enter the actual results in the space provided.

Quality Center Test Execution

Step #4: I am going to choose “Passed”. I am going to do the same for all the steps.

Quality Center Test Execution

Step #5: When done, click on the cross button in the dialog. The following confirmation message will be displayed. Click Yes.

Quality Center Test Execution

Step #6: Now you can see that the status of the test is marked as passed.

Quality Center Test Execution

Step #7: Let us execute the next test on the list.  I will follow the same steps and fail just one of them. The status of the test goes to failed if any one of the steps fails.

Quality Center Test Execution

Pro Tip: You can change this status at any time you wish by clicking on the status column and setting the desired value.

Check Execution Status in the Test Plan Tab

Once you have executed the test case, go back to the test plan tab and open the corresponding test case. Go to the Test Configurations tab and the following is how the execution status gets reflected.

Quality Center Test Execution

Check Execution Status in the Requirements Tab

As you can see, the corresponding requirement’s direct cover status has been changed to “Passed”.

Quality Center Test Execution

Double-click on the requirement and go to the “Test Coverage Status”.

Quality Center Test Execution

Points to Note

#1) The different states of a test case execution can also be customized by the Admin.

#2) You can choose to parameterize a manual test by adding parameters to it. Once the test is run, the actual test data can be entered.

#3) At every step in your ALM, you can send an email through it. To do so, find this icon in your ALM window and click on it. For example, in the test plan tab, I am clicking on it.

ALM email sending

Once you click on it, the following dialog opens. You can enter the required details and send an email.

ALM email sending


In the previous as well as this tutorial we learned – how to create tests, add steps to the tests, link the tests to requirements, create test sets, add tests to test sets, execute the tests, and finally backtrack our way to see how each activity affects the statistics each time.

Since we have seen how to pass or fail a test case, the only thing left to learn is to know how to add a defect for the failed test case. We will cover defects and other miscellaneous topics in the next tutorial which is indeed the last in this Micro Focus Quality Center/ALM training series.

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Do let us know your feedback and post your questions.

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