How to Stream DAZN on Apple TV?

DAZN on Apple TV: For all your sports needs the one-step app is DAZN. Generally, you will get live sports streaming from Football, NFL, MLB, and much more. DAZN is a subscription-based app. Also, you can get a free trial of 30 days. You can access on-demand and live content on the DAZN application.

Then, for monthly prices, you can watch original programming and watch sports on multiple devices. Generally, it is a sports-centered streaming app. DAZN app features No extra PPV Costs, the takeaway, Playback, and streaming, cancel anytime the App, the streaming quality, and simultaneous streaming. 

IS DAZN on Apple TV available?

Yes, it is available on the Apple TV. You can directly install it from the app store. Then, from your home, you can stream any live sports with the subscription of DAZN on Apple TV. This app is available only on the updated version of Apple TV. Basically, on the older model and third-generation, you can not install the app directly. Alternatively, you can cast from Airplay. DAZN is the best application to stream on-demand and lives content. 

How to Stream DAZN on Apple TV?

How to install DAZN on Apple TV?

You can directly install the app from the Apple App Store. Generally, the app is inbuilt on the Apple TV. Here are few easy steps to install the app on Apple TV and stream the favorite sports on it.

Step 1:

Firstly, switch on your Apple TV and select the app store to open. Connect your Apple TV to the Internet or local network.

Step 2:

Then, On the top of the screen, navigate to the search bar.

Step 3:

Type the DAZN on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard and select search.

Step 4:

Then, from the list of apps select the DAZN application.

Step 5:

On the next screen click the “Get” icon.

Step 6:

Then, select the app to open after the installation on the Apple TV. 

Step 7:

Sign in to the account with the DAZN app login credentials.

Step 8:

Finally, you can watch the DAZN application on your Apple TV.

How to cast the DAZN app to Apple TV using Airplay?

Basically, on the older version, the DAZN app is not available on the App Store. Alternatively, you can cast the app to the Apple TV using Airplay. Follow the procedure to cast to TV with the help of Airplay.

Step 1:

Firstly, on your iOS device go to the app store, and in the search bar type DAZN.

Step 2:

Then, Connect your Apple TV and iOS device to the same WIFI or Network.

Step 3:

On your iOS, move to the “control panel” and select the “screen mirroring” icon.

Step 4:

Now, the device will detect the nearby Tv.

Step 5:

Then, once it is detected select the name of your Apple TV to cast.

Step 6:

Finally, you can watch or stream the DAZN app on the older version of the Apple TV.


Is DAZN available on Apple TV?

Yes, this app is available on the updated version of the AppleTV. It is not available on the older version and in case of that, you can cast to the TV using the Airplay.

How do I get DAZN on Apple TV?

DAZN app is available on the AppleTV app store. You can install it directly from them. you can follow the procedure in the article to install or cast to TV.


In conclusion, you can watch all your favorite sports on the Apple TV by installing it directly on the App Store. In the case of the old version of the Apple Tv, you can screen mirror from an iOS device.

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