How to Chromecast MSNBC to TV from Android, iPhone and PC?

MSNBC is a news channel offering by NBC news. You can watch all the political shows, news on MSNBC. As this is the cable news channel, you can subscribe with help of a cable operator for watching this channel. As well as, you can mirror MSNBC on your smart TV using Chromecast. MSNBC is compatible with all devices like PC, Android, and iOS. If you subscribe to the channel you can watch all the NBC family networks like NBC, CNBC, NBC Universo, and Oxygen, etc.

What is MSNBC?

MSNBC is the best place to know all the congressional goings-on, Supreme Court decisions, and so on. This channel is popular for telecast political live events and expert coverage. You can use a trial pack to subscribe to it. A subscription is a must for watching the videos. You can subscribe to fuboTV, Hulu, etc for your convenience.

How to Chromecast MSNBC to the TV from iOS or Android?

We can mirror your device to the TV easily. Follow the below steps to cast your mobile to TV.

How to Chromecast MSNBC to TV?

Step 1:

You have to clear that your mobile and TV connect with the same wifi connection.

Step 2:

Download the MSNBC app from App Store.

Step 3:

After Installation, launch the MSNBC app on your smartphone.

Step 4:

Now, you can select and play the show which you want to mirror on your TV.

Step 5:

Click the Airplay(for iOS users) or cast icon (for Android users), which is available on your device.

Step 6:

After that select your Chromecast device.

Step 7:

Wait to connect the devices, now you can see your mobile screen on your smart TV.

 Step 8:

To Stop the casting, Go to cast and Click stop cast.

How to Chromecast MSNBC to the TV from PC?

Chromecast from PC is almost the same as iPhone, here we will see how to cast TV from PC

Step 1:

Make sure, your PC and chrome cast device connects with the same wifi network. 

Step 2:

Go to Chrome and Search MSNBC.

Step 3:

On the top right corner of the homepage, you can see three dotted line. Click on it.

Step 4:

Select a cast option to cast PC to TV.

Step 5:

Choose the device which you want to cast.

Step 6:

After that, Select the Cast tab from Sources.

Step 7:

Now you can enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen.

Step 8:

To Discontinue the cast, Select cast and click Discontinue.


How do I Get MSNBC on my TV?

In case, you subscribe any most of the leading streaming services, it will give access to MSNBC. For example, fubo TV, Sling TV, Youtube TV, and Hulu+ Live TV already offer MSNBC as a part of their channel lineup. 

Can I get MSNBC on Amazon Prime?

Amazon offers MSNBC channel on the Firestick and Fire TV. You can download Firestick or Fire TV from their App Store. You may need a specific account with MSNBC to log in to view live TV from that specific channel.

How can I watch MSNBC without a TV provider?

You can watch MSNBC live without the TV provider using Hulu live TV, AT&TTV, Sling TV, etc.


Above the given information will use to cast MSNBC to your smart TV. Being updated is a must for this generation, without a doubt MSNBC will help to update you. You can also watch MSNBC online but the legal options are not free.

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