A Smart TV incorporates an operating system that allows you to access, manage, and view online and network-based media content without connecting to an additional set-top box. In addition to internet streaming, some smart TVs provide more capabilities, such as Miracast and Screen sharing, which allow you to view content also from compatible smartphones and tablets on a TV screen. In this Guide, you can get to Know “How to Add Apps to LG SMART TV in 2 Minutes?”.


Mostly, Users are looking for a simple way to install an app on your LG smart TV then you are in an apt place. In that way, LG smart  TVs are the first to have the Google Assistant, Alexa, and LG ThinQ AI fully built-in to the TV. So that you can get all the benefits of the most popular voice assistant services without purchasing a Google Home or Amazon Echo device separately.

Latest LG’s Smart TVs use the WebOS platform, which includes app management. Like many other smart TVs, LG provides a package of pre-installed streaming apps that are shown on the home screen. In addition to that if you wish you can also add some more apps from LG content store.

LG smart TVs runs on one of two operating platforms such as 

  • WebOS
  • Netcast

Before getting into the process of app installation. First, get to know your LG smart TVs OS and continue with the following methods.


How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV


If you find that your LG TV is running on WebOS, continue with the steps mentioned below to install apps on your smart TV.

Step1: Press the home button on your remote control.

Home Button

Step2: Launch the LG content store option from the home page.

LG Content Store

Step3: Inside the LG content store click on apps category and search for an app.

Apps Category

Step4: Select an app that you wish to download.

Select App

Step5: If it’s a free app you can download it and install it directly to your home page.

Step6: In case of if it’s a paid app, additional information will be prompted for fee payment options.

Step7: Once the app finishes downloading, you can access it under MY APPS.


If you find that your LG smart TV is running on Netcast, continue with the following steps mentioned below to install apps on your TV.

Step1: Press the home button on the remote control.


Step2: Select the PREMIUM APPS option on the home page.

Premium Apps

Step3: Then select an app you wish to install.

Select App

Step4: If the app is available for download you can install it directly.

Step5: You can access the installed apps under MY APPS

My Apps

If you want,  you can add the installed applications to your Smart TVs home page to use it conveniently. As the LG TV runs on WebOS, you cannot add 3rd party app to your smart TV. That’s possible only in the case if your smart TV runs on Android OS.


LG smart TVs are one of the good to consider options as you get the voice assistant feature built-in. With the pre-installed streaming apps, using the methods mentioned above you can also add some more apps for your entertainment. Actually, it is easy to add apps to LG smart tv because mostly all the apps are available on the LG Content Store. Also, If you are in short of any apps for LG Smart TV Check Smart TV Apps Guide for all applications.

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