Why Software Testing Needs Revolution? (and Here is How)

Like every technology, software testing is also growing. As we see, nowadays, technology is evolving fast, there is a question to ask ourselves – as a Tester are we growing? (Do not misunderstand this question as growing by learning 5-6 automation tools).

After spending almost a decade in the industry and observing the number of projects and technologies, I would like to claim that this is the right time for Software Testing to be revolutionized.

As usual, I have points to support my claim. Read on –

Why Software Testing Needs Revolution

End-users Viewpoint Has Changed

End-users and customers are spoiled for better with multiple choices. Due to neck cutting competition, every business holder wants to have maximum customers and to attract customers or to satisfy end users, they are ready to hit any milestone, be it a timeline, cost, the product itself…..anything.

And with this change, customers and end-users want more perfect, more aesthetic, more reliable products or applications in a defined timeline. Also, customers nowadays do not provide vague requirements and as they are very clear about the requirements they do not want to do any compromise when their requirements are implemented.

With this scenario, as a Software Tester, we cannot just keep doing traditional testing. We too need to change ourselves, our thinking process, our ideas, our way of working and our eyes to observe.

Here is how:

  • Can’t we ask more questions when we read requirements?
  • Can’t we prepare brief documentation for our and team’s understanding?
  • Can’t we work on improving communication?
  • Can’t we ameliorate our analysis and reporting skills?

If the answers are yes, what are we waiting for? This is the right time to implement, execute, change, observe and report.

Technology Is Changing Rapidly

Changing Technology

When mobiles were less popular and people were rarely talking about mobile application and most of the people did not think about using different applications on the move, life was easy. Wasn’t it? With the growing market for mobile applications, the definition of Software Testing has been changed.

Mobile Testing is totally different than Traditional Testing and we have to get used to it.

Here is how:

  • We need to think about more scenarios
  • We need to observe more people and how they use their mobile
  • We need to understand the ultimate purpose of product/application

Again, if you are agreed, what are we waiting for? Let’s start implementing this moment.

Numerous Tools But Lack Of Ideas

automation must be coupled with manual

Automation is in demand and the most painful fact is – people think that if they know automation, they will be automatically considered as a good tester.

Sorry to say, but that’s not the case. No tool can replace the human mind. Yes, tools definitely make our life easier but ultimately they are created by humans and they need human efforts to use.

I am not trying to say that manual tester is better than automation one or vice-a-versa but the point here is testing cannot be completed without ideas and manual efforts. No tool can test/report application/product’s behavior on its own. The tool only follows the script and you need to be prepared to analyze the results generated by the tool.

Nowadays, when the market is presenting 100s of new tools and utilities and when we are always at short of time for testing, automation is a must requirement but it should be coupled with manual testing.

Here is how:

  • Let’s learn something new every day and implement it
  • Let’s think about 5 new ways you can test the current application/product
  • Let’s do some detailed research about which tool can make our life really easy
  • Let’s observe the product more closely and provide more details about the bug


Software testing Certifications

How many of you would agree to this statement – anyone can learn and explore more if he is not under pressure of exam? After years, we can understand that those races for marks took us nowhere. Instead, we would have taught the subject just to learn.

(On a lighter note, my husband always makes the remark that whenever I have guests invited for dinner, I unconsciously add more/less salt as I feel the pressure. I am sure, in one or the other area of life, we all observe that kind of pressure situation where we have to perform within limited time and believe me, that fear of performing well makes us so conscious that we forget about learning and enjoying, i.e. the process. We just become result-oriented and that’s not a good sign for the community).

I am not opposing certification but they are not at all measurements of your real skills. No exam can assess the capabilities of someone within the time limit. When it comes to Software Testing, it’s about growing day by day.

  • You cannot think 1000s of ideas in a day,
  • You cannot learn an automation tool in hours,
  • You cannot observe 100s of bugs within the first week of testing,
  • You cannot communicate well with developers and customers from the starting point of your career

But it surely is a matter of growing. With experience, we learn, implement, nurture our skills and develop ourselves. Learn from your past mistakes and keep notes of them. When working on other projects, remember those mistakes and try to not repeat them.

The Tendency To Not Upgrade After Reaching A Position

Keep on testing

It’s ok if a senior developer turned lead/manager does not code but a real test manager always tests. Yes, when you want to forget the basic skills, you are screwing up your career. No matter, how many years of experience you carry, keep your brain working the way you did. Spend at least a couple of hours for testing.

Here is how:

  • Test Real-time products
  • Suggest ideas to make the product more useful
  • Study the market and learn why some products are bestselling and others are not.
  • Understand how ideas are being implemented in different ways


Ultimately, as I have been writing for the number of times here, software testing is all about ideas. No software tester can survive in the industry if he is not a good idea generator. So make your mind work. Co-relate your product with any real-time product and think about how you would test it. It will give you a new sight to look at.

Also, do not forget to add weapons of reporting and communication in your testing beg. The person who cannot communicate well, cannot achieve success in any industry. Equip yourself with training and implement learning to report better and to communicate fruitfully.

About the author: This awesome revolutionary post is written by STH team member Bhumika Mehta. She is a project lead, carrying 7+ years of software testing experience. She is totally into testing and loves to test everything that exists.

As usual, waiting for your comments…..let’s make a revolution together.

Happy Testing 🙂

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