Want to Stress Test Website with 10,000+ Users? Use WAPT Pro x64 Load Engine

In our previous article on WAPT, we discussed how the WAPT Pro Performance Testing tool can be used for website performance testing. However, if you want to generate a much higher load on the website, then you must use the x64 Load Engine release from the WAPT team.

This tutorial and ultimately the testing tool is very useful for performance testers.

This is in fact very crucial for testing time-critical applications such as stock management systems which get refreshed every minute and create a huge load on the website as there are thousands of users accessing the website at the same moment.

For such applications, stress testing with more than 10,000 users is a basic test requirement.

How to Use WAPT Pro x64 Load Engine – A Complete Guide

WAPT Pro comes with the default “Load Agents” functionality to test the average load on any website. However, for a high capacity test with more than 10,000 users, we can now leverage the power of x64 Load Engine extension.

Each x64 powerful load engine is capable of creating 10k to 50k virtual users depending upon the test options and hardware. This is around 5 times higher than the capacity of a regular load agent.


x64 Load Engine is similar to the Load Agents feature on the WAPT Pro installation. The main difference is in the ability of a load engine to generate huge load using 64 bit Windows systems.

Using one 64-bit server, you can dramatically increase the load testing capacity on the website under test. The x64 Load Engine can be configured in such a way that using slightly high-end hardware you can easily generate more than 100k virtual users’ load on the website.

Assume that you want to stress-test your website with 100,000 concurrent virtual users. You can achieve this using 4 servers each with 25,000 virtual users.

Setup this Load engine on 4 systems and use them concurrently to achieve the desired website load. This powerful x64 Load Engine effectively utilizes the available memory resources in a 64-bit system architecture.

WAPT Pro x64 Load Engine Installation

  • You can install the x64 Load Engine on a 64-bit version of Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7 OS.
  • x64 Load Engine works best on the following hardware configuration:
    Core i5/Phenom or CPU is better than this, 8+ GB RAM and Gigabit Ethernet

The link provided below specifies the usage/application, installation and licensing details of x64 Load Engine:

x64 Load Engine: Execute high capacity load tests with 10’000+ virtual users

How to Install

x64 Load Engine is a WAPT Pro extension so it runs on the WAPT Pro tool similar to Load Agents. To use this Load engine, you must have WAPT Pro installed first.

You can download and install the x64 Load Engine from the below mentioned link. After installation, you can start using the load engine using the WAPT pro-workplace itself.

=> Download the WAPT Pro x64 Engine

The above link also enlists the Wapt Pro x64 features, operating system requirements, recommended hardware configuration, and a way to install, uninstall and licensing policy.

x64 Load Engine Pros:

  • You can generate almost unlimited virtual users (test load) on Windows 64 system.
  • Offers JavaScript supported server response processing.
  • Easy to install, learn and configure

Check out the screenshot below to learn more about the simplicity of the x64 Load Engine Manager.

Load Engine Manager

  • No restrictions on the size of used virtual memory.

x64 Load Engine Cons:

  • No evaluation period is available
  • Works with WAPT Pro only.


X64 Load Engine extension costs around $900 plus some additional charges.

You can visit the link below hosted by WAPT that provides pricing details: Load testing tool


As discussed earlier, this tool is very useful for Performance, Stress & Load testers. Other testers can get a glimpse of the performance testing scope which is very interesting to work on!

The pricing of the tool is also justifiable if we see it in the light of the extraordinary features and testing support it provides.

Useful Reading: The Beginner’s Guide to Web Application Performance Testing using WAPT Pro

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