How to Turn On Keyboard Backlit in HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops?

Laptops are one of the best travel-friendly devices. It is because you can carry them wherever you want with ease. In addition, you will get some added advantages that you can’t use on a PC. This article will teach you how to turn on the keyboard backlit in HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops.

Yes, the keyboard backlight is one of the major features that you can get on a laptop. Certainly, it has become one of the key specifications to notice while buying a laptop. Significantly, the backlight on a laptop keyboard will allow you to do your work irrespective of the darkness around you.

Every laptop brand has its unique key combination to turn on the backlight. If you are wondering how to turn on the backlight on your laptop, continue reading the article. 

How to Turn on keyboard backlit on HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops?

How to Turn on Keyboard Backlit in an HP Laptop?

Generally, a keyboard backlight is a must-have feature when you are traveling in darkness or attending a presentation in a dark environment. In such conditions, the keyboard backlight feature will serve as a life-saving tool.

Chiefly, HP laptops have a peculiar key combination to light up the keyboard. This method will guide you to turn on the keyboard backlight in an HP laptop with easy steps. 

  • F5 key – Have you ever given a deep look at the F5 key in your HP Pavilion laptop. It will be marked with three square boxes arranged in horizontal order. Press the F5 key to turn on or turn off the backlight of your keyboard. 
  • Fn + F5 key – If pressing the F5 key alone doesn’t activate the backlight, try this key combination. Press the Function key(Fn) first and simultaneously press the F5 key to activate the key combination. This combination will definitely charge through your laptop and activates the backlight on your HP laptop. 

How to Turn on Keyboard Backlit in a Dell Laptop?

The method of turning on the keyboard backlight in a Dell laptop will be more similar to the HP laptops.

If you are using a Dell laptop, you can make use of the backlit feature in dark environments. With the help of this feature, you can send emails, complete office works, and can do multiple tasks in darkness. 

  • Fn + F5 key – On your Dell laptop use the Fn and F5 keys in a combination to activate the backlit of your keyboard.
  • Fn + F10 – Sometimes the above-given key combination may not work according to your laptop model. In that case, press the Fn and F10 key combinations to light your keyboard.

How to Turn on Keyboard Backlit in a Lenovo Laptop?

In case you are using a Lenovo laptop, you can’t use the above-given key combinations. Because they won’t work on a Lenovo laptop. Wondering how to turn on the backlight on a Lenovo laptop. Follow the below-given steps to activate the keyboard backlit on a Lenovo backlit successfully.

  • Fn + Space bar – Press the Function key (Fn) and the Space bar simultaneously to turn on the backlight on a Lenovo laptop. This is the only option on a Lenovo laptop by which you have to activate the keyboard backlight.


Why is the Lenovo keyboard backlight not working?

You may not have updated your BIOS. Visit the Lenovo website and update your BIOS to the latest. 

Does HP 15 have a backlit keyboard?

The latest HP 15 laptop comes with a built-in keyboard.


We are at the final part. This is all about the methods to turn on the backlight keyboard on HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops. Every laptop brand has a different key combination to turn on the backlight. It is very much easy when you learn the methods.

The backlit feature will be a boon for most office employees to do their work in dark environments. With this amazing feature, you can send emails, attend presentations in darkness, and it will be a great lifesaver while you are traveling. 

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