Sample Software Test Plan Template with Format and Contents

In this tutorial, we have provided a Sample Test Plan Template along with its contents. This Simple Test Plan Format will be helpful for you to write a detailed Test Plan. 

We keep getting requests for Sample Test Plans frequently. Hence, we are including a sample Test Plan template here for your reference.

It’s a Test Plan index only. Each point in this index will help you elaborate on your testing plan in a step-by-step manner. Take this as a guide and develop a full Test Plan for your project.

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Software Test Plan Template

Test Plan Template Table of Contents (TOC)

1. Introduction
1.1. Test Plan Objectives

2. Scope
2.1. Data Entry
2.2. Reports File Transfer
2.3. File Transfer
2.4. Security

3. Test Strategy
3.1. System Test
3.2. Performance Test
3.3. Security Test
3.4. Automated Test
3.5. Stress and Volume Test
3.6. Recovery Test
3.7. Documentation Test
3.8. Beta Test
3.9. User Acceptance Test

4. Environment Requirements
4.1. Data Entry Workstations
4.2 MainFrame

5. Test Schedule

6. Control Procedures
6.1 Reviews
6.2 Bug Review Meetings
6.3 Change Request
6.4 Defect Reporting

7. Functions To Be Tested

8. Resources and Responsibilities
8.1. Resources
8.2. Responsibilities

9. Deliverables

10. Suspension / Exit Criteria

11. Resumption Criteria

12. Dependencies
12.1 Personnel Dependencies
12.2 Software Dependencies
12.3 Hardware Dependencies
12.3 Test Data & Database

13. Risks
13.1. Schedule
13.2. Technical
13.3. Management
13.4. Personnel
13.5 Requirements

14. Tools

15. Documentation

16. Approvals

We hope this Test Plan Template would have been of immense help to you.

From this template, we have written the complete Test Plan from scratch. You can check them out in the below tutorials:

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