The Only 150 Words Advice You Should Read Today to Start Taking Action

Taking action is the key to success. Do you know the secret of taking action? Ask yourself this question: What is the smallest step I can take towards my goal, right now?

No matter how much you read, if you don’t get into action, you’re wasting your time. 

Today, I’m cutting this post very short and asking you to do something right now. This could be anything like: start looking for a better career, start learning any automation tool, learn basic SQL and UNIX commands, learn the basics of scripting and HTML or do something that will improve your life and help you achieve your goals!

Best testing advice

All these are high-level goals. You need to break it into smaller steps and start with the smallest step which can be completed within the next 30 minutes, and so on.

Leave me a comment on what you are about to do and how much you succeeded in that!

Good luck with your new endeavor!

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