Some Interesting Software Testing Interview Questions

This Tutorial Answers Some of the Most Frequently Asked Software Testing Interview Questions.

The software testing industry is as huge as an ocean and with a software testing interview, we cannot even imagine how tough and complicated the questions would be.

The interview questions may vary from one company to another and it completely depends upon the mindset of the interviewer to ask any question. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for any situation and be positive to face the interview confidently.

This post includes the answers to some interesting software testing interview questions asked by one of our readers.

Read this entire post to prepare yourself for the Software Testing Interview.

Interesting Software Testing Interview

Most Popular Software Testing Interview Questions

Q #1) In an application currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to re-test the whole application or is it enough to just test the functionality associated with that module?

Answer: Well, the answer is both. You need to test the functionality of that module as well as the other modules. It also depends on the module that you are modifying.

All the modules should be tested because recent changes might affect the other modules as well. You can, therefore, differentiate it by the stress given on the module which is to be tested.

The below scenario will explain the answer to this question in a better way.

If Module A is modified, Module B is depending on module A, and Module C is a general module independent of module A.

Here, you will first test module A deeply. Your next stress will be on module B. But what about module C? This module will be tested as well but with less stress, because module C does not depend on module A for its functioning, rather it depends on module B.

If you are a white box tester, you must know which modules are to be tested and which ones can be affected. But in case you are a black box tester, then you will be required to do Regression Testing as well.

Regression tests should be carried out only on those modules associated with the modified module.

Q #2) Share the most challenging situation that you have ever faced during testing?

Answer: This is an excellent question indeed! A few years back, when I switched my job, I was asked the same question by my interviewer. A perfect answer to this question usually depends on the challenges experienced by an individual.

Software Testing has a lot of challenges both in the Manual and automation.

Discovering a bug that was difficult to be found out could be the answer to this question. It was quite challenging for me. Fixing these unreproducible bugs can be difficult, but it is often possible.

Always keep in mind that whenever you are answering such a question, you need to be realistic and don’t stress yourself. Do not let anyone dull your sparkle. Just be yourself.

Q #3) What are you going to do if there is no Functional Spec, or any documents related to the system and the developer who wrote the code does not work in the company anymore, but you have a system and need to test?

Answer: It is, unfortunately, one of the typical situations in Indian companies because of the high attrition rate.

Here, you need to do Exploratory Testing of the product. It is about exploring, finding out about the software, what it does, what it doesn’t, what works, and what doesn’t work.

In this testing, you will come to know about the system and its basic workflow. In Exploratory Testing, you can also discover ‘blocker’ bugs that are harmful to your system and therefore protect your system from being crashed.

If you are a white box tester, the next step is to look for different module codes. By this, you will be able to analyze the test cases for different modules and their relations.


We hope these questions would have helped you to gain confidence in attending any software testing interview. Be positive and stay confident – success will be yours.

Do you have any other interesting questions to be added to the above list? Please share with us in the comments section below and we will get back to you soon.

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