Sample Bug Report

The Sample, Bug/Defect Report given below will give you an exact idea of how to report a Bug in the Bug Tracking Tool?

Here is an Example scenario that caused a Bug:

Let’s assume that in your application under test you want to create a new user with user information, for that you need to login into the application and navigate to the USERS menu -> New User, then enter all the details in the ‘User form’ like, First Name, Last Name, Age, Address, Phone etc.

Once you enter all this information, you need to click on the ‘SAVE’ button in order to save the user. Now you can see a successful message saying, “New User has been created successfully”.

But when you entered into your application by logging in and you have navigated to the USERS menu -> New user, entered all the required information to create the new user and clicked on SAVE button.

Sample bug report

BANG! The application crashed and you got one error page on the screen. (Capture this error message window and save it as a Microsoft paint file)

Now, this is a Bug scenario and you would like to report this as a BUG in your Bug-Tracking Tool.

How Will You Report This Bug Effectively?

Sample Bug Report

Here is a sample Bug Report for the above-mentioned example:
(Note that some ‘Bug Report’ fields might differ depending on your bug tracking system)


Bug Name: Application crashes upon clicking the SAVE button while creating a new user.
Bug ID: (It will be automatically created by the BUG Tracking tool once you save this bug).
Area Path: USERS menu -> New Users
Build Number: Version Number 5.0.1
Severity: HIGH (High/Medium/Low) or 1
Priority: HIGH (High/Medium/Low) or 1
Assigned to: Developer-X
Reported By: Your Name
Reported On: Date
Reason: Defect
Status: New/Open/Active (Depends on the Tool you are using)
Environment: Windows 2003/SQL Server 2005

Description: Application crashes upon clicking the SAVE button while creating a new the user, hence unable to create a new user in the application.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Login into the Application.
2) Navigate to the Users Menu -> New User
3) Filled out all the user information fields.
4) Clicked on the ‘Save’ button.
5) Seen an error page “ORA1090 Exception: Insert values Error…”
6) See the attached logs for more information (Attach more logs related to the bug..IF any)
7) Also see the attached screenshot of the error page.

Expected Result: On clicking the SAVE button, you should be prompted to a successful message “New User has been created successfully”.

(Attach ‘application crash’ screenshot. IF any)

Save the Defect/Bug in the BUG TRACKING TOOL.  You will get a Bug ID that you can use for further bug reference.

Default ‘New Bug’ mail will go to the respective developer and the default module owner (Team leader or manager) for further action.

If you need more information about writing a Good Bug Report, read our previous post “How to write a Good Bug Report“.

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