5 Interesting QA Trends to Watch for 2015, STH 2014 Review & 2015 Predictions

Is it time for a round-up already? We cannot believe that the year, 2015 is already sneaking up on us. As always, it is time to reminisce, rewind, review and of course look forward to all the wonderful things that we know are waiting for us in the New Year.

Check out our last years predictions here and how those are true today!

First things first – A huge THANK YOU to all our STH followers. Of course we don’t want to brag, but it’s been a great year for STH.

Happy new year SoftwareTestingHelp

Our Accomplishments, Of Course with YOUR Support 🙂

You all have made us what we are and we humbly appreciate your association with us. With your unbending belief in us, we were able to accomplish the following things:

#1) New Courses: STH’s online courses (Core QA, Micro Focus Load Runner, Micro Focus UFT, Selenium, JIRA) are on an all time BANG!!! Our world-class quality, affordable pricing, individual attention and strong student’s target orientation have been well received with rave reviews and are helping 1000’s of QA aspirants across the globe.

#2) Stats: The mere statistics of our fellowship is overwhelming and is a constant reminder to us that we need to work harder than ever to excel the expectations:

  • STH now gets 1 million page views per month
  • Over 80,000 email and RSS subscribers
  • More than 44,000 Facebook fans
  • 6000 Google+ followers
  • 255,000 YouTube views and 1.6k subscribers just in last 9 months

#3) Free training and resources: In addition to our awesome articles, STH’s comprehensive free training series this year have been focused on the most popular QA skills that we are confident will be the first point of reference for many learners. If you haven’t already, check them out at:

What’s Our Plan for the Year 2015?

We are very happy with the progress, but we are not complacent. STH is working endlessly to bring to you the following new programs in 2015.

  • Add more LIVE interactive courses like Mobile Application Testing, Database Testing, JMeter, WebServices, Live Projects etc. You too can suggest more topics that you wish we should include in this list.
  • Video ONLY full-length passive courses on Selenium, Micro Focus UFT (QTP), Micro Focus LoadRunner etc.
  • ISTQB Advanced Level examination study guides on popular demand. Check out our current ISTQB foundation level study guide here. We have had an almost 100% success rate from our users. It’s awesome!
  • More free video tutorials, webinars and video series on topics like JMeter, SoapUI, automation testing. Etc. So, stay tuned!

That is quite a list of resolutions and promises, isn’t it? But, we are confident we can make it happen with your continuous support. Please stick around with us. 🙂

However, enough about us – STH is never about just us, it is about our readers, students and subscribers – Same is the case with this article too. This has to be an interesting, engaging and useful read.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 IT-QA trends that we believe are going to be huge in the near future (maybe as soon as, 2015) and are worth keeping an eye on:

5 Interesting IT-QA Trends to Watch for 2015

#1. Scriptless Testing

In the past year, there have been numerous webinars in the QA sphere about scriptless/code less automation. The one that is receiving a buzz is the Micro Focus Business Process Testing and TurnKey integration with CFactory to make this possible. With the convenience, accessibility and ease of use- this might be the next big thing in the world of Functional Test Automation. There are many tools that are already adopting this method.

#2. Internet of Things

Have you been hearing this lot too? Well, it’s only fair. Thermostats, security systems, power switches, etc. can be controlled through remote devices that are connected over the internet. Also, there are clocks, eyewear and umpteen other accessories that are embracing the internet. What this means is a lee-way for plenty different possibilities for technology to evolve, increase in embedded systems and derivatively, that many innovative testing techniques and frameworks. How exciting!

#3. Pair Testing

This is not new, but we believe Pair Testing has been embraced more widely in recent times and STH definitely foresees a growth in this approach as its benefits are endless. Pair Testing is a collective test performed by both developer and Tester to make sure that there are no communication gaps, immediate changes taking effect and resolution of issues to be almost immediate. So, if you are still wondering what happened to the “Developer-Tester conflict”? Well, it’s a myth. If it hasn’t been ended already, Pair testing will be the death of it. The developer is a friend and a partner in crime. 🙂

#4. Programming languages

Well, this might not be exactly for us, testers. But we guessed you would like to be posted. JAVA is the undeclared king of the programming languages. Multiple studies in the industry have established this. But the new forecast is that Apple’s Swift and Google’s go are going to be big going forward. If you are planning to learn a new programming language this year, these are as good choices as any.

#5. Data

We all know that this is pretty much the era of “Too much information”. Systems are now super intelligent. They can store, process, predict and maybe, even direct every user action. How are they getting so smart, huh? Data. All and every bit of data is utilized by businesses these days for intelligence. While this field has seen many new technologies like BigData, cloud etc. there is plenty of room for new and innovative ways, methods and testing techniques. We are confident that many worthy testers can find their niche in this area.

Well, there we go.

We hope the above gives you all a jump start on a safe, healthy, happy, efficient, successful and productive new year, 2015.

Vijay and the entire STH team wish each one of you a very happy new year.

I, Swati Seela as an author felt immense pride and humility to be a part of this team.

Make a Resolution:

What will you achieve in year 2015? Share your goals for the New Year, comments, suggestions and your best wishes on this article, below.

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