Best software testing articles of 2008

The year 2008 was very productive for software testing help in terms of new subscribers and site traffic. We covered many interesting and (I hope) helpful articles in this year.

Here is the recap of some popular posts from the year 2008. I know it’s very difficult to select few posts to show here. Still, these are some most popular posts, in random order, you can enjoy. Don’t forget to bookmark this page 🙂

How to get your all bugs resolved without any ‘Invalid bug’ label?
I hate “Invalid bug” label from developers for the bugs reported by me, do you? I think every tester should try to get his/her all bugs resolved. This requires bug reporting skill. Check out this article to know what troubleshooting you need to do before reporting any bug.

Software testing questions and answers
This was a very successful article on reader’s queries on software testing. Read the answers and ping me if you have any questions.

Learning basics of QTP automation tool and preparation of QTP interview questions
This post is in continuation with QTP interview questions series. These questions will help for preparing interview as well as learning the QTP basics.

Developers are not good testers. What did you say?
Developers test their own code. Then why testers needed? What are the drawbacks of developer testing his own code? Why can’t it be a success? If developer testing is always not sufficient testing then what things developers should test and what the test team should? To know answers to these questions read on.

Top 20 practical software testing tips you should read before testing any application.
This is a collection of top 20 practical testing tips for testing any product or web-based application I learned over time. I wish all testers read these software testing good practices and try to implement them in your day to day software testing activities.

Global Software Testing business to reach $13 Billion – Good news for Indian software Testers
The most frequently asked questions to me till date are – What is the future of software testing business?, Should I consider software testing as my career option? – Now you don’t need to ask these question to me anymore. See what was the good news in this post.

Tips to design test data before executing your test cases
I have mentioned the importance of proper test data in many of my previous articles. The tester should check and update the test data before execution of any test case. In this article, I will provide tips on how to prepare test environment so that any important test case will not be missed.

Check your eligibility for CSTE certification. Take this sample CSTE examination
CSTE testing certification is the basic certification to check testers skill and understanding of software testing theory and software testing practices. If you are applying for CSTE certification check if you can answer at least 75% of the test questions mentioned in this post.

What you need to know about BVT (Build Verification Testing)
Build Verification test is a set of tests run on every new build to verify that build is testable before it is released to test team for further testing. Read on to know how to perform BVT effectively.

Manual and Automation testing Challenges
Software testing is full of challenges. Testers face many challenges in a manual as well as automation testing. A tester who manages to address these challenges effectively can become a successful tester. In this article, I have included most of the testing challenges you need to overcome.

Smoke testing and sanity testing – Quick and simple differences
Despite hundreds of web articles on Smoke and sanity testing, many people still have confusion between these terms and keep on asking to me. Here is a simple and understandable difference that can clear your confusion between smoke testing and sanity testing.

An approach for Security Testing of Web Applications
How to make sure your web application is secure before release? Website security testing is an important part of software testing life cycle like other functionality and performance testing. This article will guide you with a different type of attacks on web applications and information on how to test a web application for security.

Some Interesting Articles on Software Testing Career:

How to prepare for software testing interview
This article will help for the preparation of software testing interview for freshers as well as working testing professionals who want to switch their current job. Know the key areas you need to prepare and how to keep yourself updated on testing methodologies.

Career options for Software Test Professionals
See what are the career options for software testing professionals. Great article showing all the possible career paths for the software tester.

Software Testing Advice for Novice Testers
Novice testers have many questions about software testing and the actual work that they are going to perform.  As novice testers, you should be aware of certain facts in the software testing profession.  The tips mentioned here will certainly help to advance you in your software-testing career

Money making, software testing career and secrets of the richest tester
These days a lot of people who pass out of engineering and science colleges are interested in software testing as a career. Also today there isn’t a huge difference between what testers and developers get paid. How can testers make more money than what they have been making?

How to keep motivation alive in software testers?
The title says all about the post content. Know what are the different ways to keep motivation alive in software testers.

How to build a successful QA team?
There are plenty of things to be considered while building successful software testing team. After reading this article look at your team and question yourself “Are you working in great test team” or ” Will you make every effort to build great test team”.

Apart from software testing articles we also covered some topics on soft skills for testers:

How to ask for a promotion and salary raise in this appraisal?
Yearly performance appraisal review is the key process to major employee performance and rewards him/her by promotion or salary raise based on the performance. If you think you are eligible for this reward then read this article to know on what basis your performance has majored and how to put your best efforts to get salary raise and promotion.

How to keep good testers in testing positions?
Here I have answered one interesting reader’s question “how to keep good testers in testing positions?” Nowadays due to high compensation packages, it’s really hard to keep good testers in testing. Many of the really skilled testers are always looking for a switch. Here are some ideas on how to keep good testers in testing positions.

Top Three Tips to Survive in this Recession – Economic Downtime
Everyone is talking about recession. Many of your close friends might have experienced this. Every day we hear news about pink slips, reduction in IT recruitment, bleak prospects etc. How can software testers survive in this recession? Here are three simple and effective tips to survive in this recession.

How to crack the GD (Group Discussion). 10 simple ways with ppt on GD
Software tester needs to communicate with project members like team members, developers, managers and customer. For an effective team player, you should have command over communication and interpersonal skill. Read the top 10 simple ways to crack the GD.

Soft Skill for testers: How to improve communication skill
Good communication skill is a must for software testers. You might have seen this line in every job requirements especially openings in QA and testing field. As a tester you need to communicate with different project team members including clients, communication skill plays the important role. Read this post if you want to improve your communication skill.

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